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If you're looking for a dependable and budget-friendly way to regularly connect with potential insurance clients, you're going to find these six types of insurance leads quite handy. It doesn't matter if you're selling Life insurance, Final Expense plans, or Health isurance, our leads can help you quickly and affordably reach a wider group of potential customers.

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Insurance Agents

Don't put your commissions at risk just to experiment with unsolicited lead sources. Agents working with HELPFORSALES can feel confident knowing they have access to great contracts and a reliable stream of leads. On top of that, they can learn a great deal from our sales training tips, scripts, and blogs by subscribing.

Small and Medium Insurance Agencies

We bring great value to you! Order high volume leads and we'll offer discounted bulk prices. This ensures that you can keep your agents supplied with top-notch leads at affordable prices. We also customize leads packages for you based on your exclusive requirements.

Large Scale Insurance Firms

We offer higher discounts on open market bulk rates and can customize leads packages for you based on your targeted volumes. We are well connected across corporate insurance entities including IMOs and IFOs enabling us to keep your sales pipelines afresh and lucrative.

“Check out the 6 types of insurance leads for agents offered by HELPFORSALES”

Fill Your Pipeline with These Leads

Final Expense Live Transfers

Final expense insurance, also referred to as "burial insurance" or "funeral insurance," guarantees that a senior's beneficiaries will have the resources they require to pay for the cost of death and funeral expenses once their loved one passes away.


Schedule more meetings and close more sales with seniors considering to protect their loved ones from the burden of final expenses they leave behind

Auto Insurance Live Transfers

We put you in touch with consumers who have indicated their interest in speaking with an agent to review their vehicle insurance and warranty options. We verify the consumer's interest via an inbound or outbound phone call by our live screeners and immediately connect them to you.

Auto Insurance Leads

Jump the front runners and be the first to contact a goldmine’s worth of a leads database at affordable prices and faster than anyone else in the business with guaranteed growth on commissions.

ACA Live Transfers

This includes individuals who qualify to receive Obama Care Act Benefits and are willing to know more about the product. If the call is promising, our call center representative transfers the lead to the respective call buyer who takes over the conversation for closure.

Call Back Leads

With 100% Exclusive call back leads, you can buy leads of qualified prospects who are interested in learning more about your product. First, our call center representative talks to the prospect. If the call is promising, the call center representative schedules a call-back with your name and the lead is entered into the CRM/Portal in real-time with the recording.


We are a trusted and established ERC Tax services provider. Get warm lead transfers to your agents for Employee Retention Tax Credits and jump the mill to be the first ones to close real prospects.

Customized Live Transfers

With us, you get the option to customize your lead transfers on real time basis according to your indicated product and pricing parameters. You may opt for a combination of insurance products in the bucket for us to pursue on your behalf.




Yes, we do not share or resell leads. Your leads are 100% exclusive.

The minimum order for our telemarketing leads is 20; however, we always recommend that agents order 40 leads or more to fully understand these leads and your targeted area. When you order more, not only do you receive a discount, but you’re also setting yourself up for success through the law of large numbers.

NO. We do not believe in using recordings or avatars to generate leads here at HELPFORSALES. When it comes to telemarketing leads, we use a real, live telemarketer to generate each and every lead. You can listen to samples of each lead script on our order page.

Absolutely not. The only thing required is your payment for your order.

It can take 1 – 2 weeks to start receiving tele-marketed leads.

Leads are sent in a spreadsheet via e-mail. Samples of what the spreadsheet looks like are posted on our order page.

We use PayPal for ease of use and the ability to keep your information private and secure. You can check out by simply filling out our short order form on our order now page. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

We do our best to send COMPLETED orders. We send out all telemarketing leads from that day’s calling session at the end of the day, whether the order has been completed or not.

Yes, you will receive a recording of each and every phone call.

When it comes to telemarketing leads, the following information is included: Name, Address, City, County, State, Age, Birth Month, Estimated Income, Notes from the Telemarketer, Link to the Recording. Check out the samples of the spreadsheet we supply on our order page.

This varies depending on the number of leads ordered and what type of leads they are. Please check the order now page for more information. We also customize packages based on your specific requirements.

No, the price stays the same no matter which state leads are ordered in.

For telemarketing leads, we recommend that agents supply us with atleast 1 state for each lead order. If it is a highly-populated area, we may be able to use a smaller area.

Real-Time leads are delivered immediately via e-mail after they are generated. Standard leads are sent at the end of the calling day (usually around 11PM PST). Real-Time leads have a health qualifying question “Have you had cancer, heart attack, or stroke in the past 2 years?” Standard leads do not ask any health questions.

No. All of our leads include the cost of data, even the Aged Internet Life Insurance leads.

Yes, we follow all FCC rules and regulations.

When it comes to our telemarketing leads, unfortunately, the majority of seniors believe they have a Medicare Supplement plan even when they don’t. We do our best to screen out these leads, but it is inevitable that some leads will not have a Medicare Supplement. This is why we highly recommend that agents who want to minimize MA prospects for telemarketing leads choose an area that has a Medicare Advantage penetration percentage less than 20% (Check out the Medicare Advantage penetration map of the entire USA on our order page).

Telemarketing insurance leads aren’t for everyone, but when worked properly, you will have a much HIGHER return on investment than any other lead source.

We don’t have territories when it comes to our telemarketing leads.

Send us a message using our Contact Us page, drop us a line via email at info@helpforsales.com, or give us a call 1-800-2592071.


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